Margiolis: “The accident of Vassilis Topalos is an unfortunate event – The future of boxing is bright”


The “Vassilis Topalos” International Boxing Tournament started today, which is dedicated to the memory of the late champion, who breathed his last at the age of 16.

The president of the boxing federation, Haris Margiolis, spoke to News Bulletin 247 about the actions of the tournament, which will be held with a large number of athletes from all over Europe, at male-female and youth-youth level.

At the same time, money will be collected for little Yiannis Korologu, who is fighting a great battle with a very aggressive form of cancer, as well as basic necessities for the flood victims of Thessaly.

In detail, what he told News Bulletin 247:

For the tragic death of Vassilis Topalos and the judicial developments: “We have complete confidence in justice and await the results.”

For the great successes that Greek boxing has celebrated in recent years: “We were on top of the athletes, we gave them all the supplies they needed and that’s how the results came. We brought 28 medals in two years, ranking Greece among the first countries. The future is bright, because 15-20-year-old children are coming, who will star worldwide.”

On whether the tragic accident of Vassilis Topalos had an effect: “There was initially concern, but explaining that the sport is not dangerous, there is equipment. Unfortunate thing about Vassilis, boxing is not a dangerous sport. In recent months many women have been coming.

The federation from the first moment it took over the reins ensures the safety rules. Anyone who wants to can compete if there is a permit, a doctor and a referee. In this particular gym, the rules were not applied.”

As to whether this particular gym is still operating: At the moment there is a preliminary investigation by the police, we are waiting. We have confidence in the police and the judiciary and that the rules have been applied.”

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