Thousands of people affected by the disaster are living a never-ending nightmare, with the tragedy in the area of Thessaly to surpass all previous ones. The flood victims are in a state of despair, as it is not only the next period that concerns them, as they have been left without a home and without jobs, but their anxiety also concerns their immediate survival, as the needs for the basics – water, food and medicine – are continuous.

Especially for water, people “they march a Golgotha” every day, in order to ensure the water required for their needs, while the operation to release people has not yet been completed, with the level of Pinios remaining at a higher level than the alert level.

Already, the phenomena of profiteering have made their appearance in the region, with the public prosecutor’s office intervening and ordering an investigation, in order to establish whether there are criminal behaviors and exploitation of human suffering.

At the same time, the areas that were flooded and are slowly starting to “come out of the water”, present an image of a bombed landscape, with the risks of infections being particularly high.

According to the latest data from the report, the level of Pinios is receding, but at a very slow and excruciating pace.

The government’s plan is to move flood victims into shelters to provide them with essentials until their homes are cleaned or rebuilt.

A huge issue, which has ramifications across the country as it concerns the prices of already expensive products, is crops. Vast areas are still under water. What had been cultivated is now lost, and it is unknown when the fields will be available, after the destruction of the soil and the infectious foci created throughout the area affected by the disaster.

Crops, water and immediate necessities are not the only problems for the thousands of flood victims in Thessaly. Immeasurable is the pain of those affected by the destruction their properties suffered within a few hours.

The structures of the area are also damaged. Road network, bridges and railway network have been destroyed to a very large extent and the restoration of the damages will take a very long time, both in the Thessalian plain, as well as in Volos and Pelion, two areas that received the first big wave of bad weather Daniel.