Nikas: “I’ve been waiting by the phone all summer – Panathinaikos has changed their level”


His first statements after his transfer to Panathinaikos did the George Nikas in the PAO TV.

We remind you, the “green” PAE he announced the acquisition of the player by Levadeiakos. The Greek midfielder signed a four-year contract and for the current period will remain at Levadeiakos in the form of loan.

See in detail what he said:

What are your first thoughts as a footballer who now belongs to Panathinaikos?

Various things are going through my mind. I’m overjoyed and haven’t realized it yet. When I realize it will be even… worse. In a good way. I am very happy».

Your name was also written in other transfer periods for the big teams. Is it a dream come true?

For sure. Every child who starts playing football at a young age has such a dream to play in a great team like Panathinaikos. And in the past there were various rumors and the moment will come when the dream will come true. As it happened».

Since your transfer took place in the final days of the transfer window, did it cross your mind that the transfer wouldn’t come through?

I’ve experienced this before. This all started at the end of May. I’ve been waiting all this time over a cell phone and it arrived last day if I’m not mistaken, but finally good all is well».

Do you feel ready to play in a big team?

For sure. Now ready I would tell you how I felt two years ago, but until I get on the field and show it, I will never be 100% sure. I think the time is right to take this step».

Does the fact that you will remain at Levadeiakos this season bring you impatience?

I’ve been patient for a long time, so a year is nothing. At the moment I have to first help Levadeakos to get promoted to the first division and then as soon as the time comes to join Panathinaikos to help here as well».

How do you imagine the next seasons for you?

I want to be as ready as possible next summer. Then step by step to continue and establish myself in the team».

What position do you like to play?

Mainly to be inside the field, but the position that suits me best is at “8”, as a central midfielder, box to box so to speak. I want to have some relationship in both areas. That is, to step on territory but also to defend. Of course, I can play both in “6” and “10”. Whatever the coach asks of me».

Logically, it was an easy decision to come to Panathinaikos. Do you have a picture of the team? Have you spoken to Ioannidis?

It certainly wasn’t difficult. As soon as they informed me that there is this interest, I just got in the car and learned the time and came. We talk to Fotis every day. We are in very good contact and he has kept me informed of everything that is going on over here. What I learned made me more excited and I am very happy that I came here».

What is your opinion of today’s Panathinaikos?

They are one of the healthiest teams in Greece at the moment. She has changed level and is returning to her normal self. As we have been used to for most of the years. It is very well on its way. I hope the construction of the new stadium is done and from then on we will be very good».

Source: Sport Fm

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