Forty survivors of the deadly shipwreck of Pylos filed yesterday, through their lawyers, before the Maritime Court of Piraeus, a lawsuit against all those responsible.

According to today’s announcement by the Network for the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants, the Hellenic Union for Human Rights (EHELA), the Hellenic Council for Refugees (HRC), the Initiative of Lawyers and Lawyers for the Shipwreck of Pylos and the Support of Refugees in Aegean (RSA), the survivors, denounce “a series of violations of the obligations of the Greek authorities to ensure the protection of the lives of the passengers and demand an effective investigation into the conditions of the deadliest shipwreck in the Mediterranean in recent years.”

In the lawsuit, the survivors also complain that “the Greek authorities failed to intervene immediately and organize an appropriate operation in time to rescue the passengers”.

The plaintiffs claim and request the “immediate, thorough and reliable investigation and the attribution of criminal responsibilities for the acts and omissions of the Greek Authorities”.