In the triangle Larissa-Karditsa-Trikala all the main arteries are now open. As of yesterday, in the afternoon, both streams of the Trikala-Larissa road axis have been opened to traffic, emphasized the deputy representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios according to emergency update from the Operations Coordination Center in Larissa.

On the Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway, great efforts are being made to open it. At the moment it remains closed due to the flooding phenomena of the previous days.

The Operations Center of the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection has received more than 11,946 calls nationwide. We have rescued 4,590 of our fellow citizens to safe places.

More specifically, only in the Region of Thessaly we have 9,579 calls, 3,576 rescues of our fellow citizens and a total of 2,900 water pumpings from flooded areas.

In the Trikala-Karditsa Regional Units, most areas are fully accessible, such as Palamas, Sofades, Koskinas, Psathochori, Farkadona, Kalogriana, Megala Kalivia, Pineiada. While we only have access with large vehicles to areas such as Metamorfosi, Marathea, Korda and Vlochos.

And a mention of Vlohos: it is worth noting that there the inhabitants remain of their own free will and are safe. As in the rest of the areas, they are safe. However, forces from the Fire Brigade were there from the morning, and today and throughout this period, in order to provide any assistance.

The Keramidi settlement of Trikala remains inaccessible, while its inhabitants have left. Also, the mountain network to Aspropotamos Trikala is damaged, blocked and supplies of essential items are carried out by helicopter. Also, an attempt is being made to open roads through forest roads from the Trikala Gate.

In the Regional Unit of Larissa and more specifically in the settlements of Agios Thomas, Nea Smyrni, Hippocrates, water pumping is now taking place. In the labor houses of the Yannoulis district of Larisa, our fellow citizens are transported all the time from the morning by watercraft.

At the same time, traffic has also been restored from Larissa to Tyrnavos and there are city bus services. The areas of Amphithea, Omorfochori and Platykambos are now accessible.

Finally, in the areas of Omolio, Kouloura, Messagala, Alexandrini, Stomio, Stefanovikio, Rizomylo, forces remain on preventive surveillance of the flooding phenomenon. It should also be noted that in all areas the forces of the Fire Brigade, the National Fire Brigade, the Hellenic Police, as well as the Local Self-Government A’ and B’ degree remain very strong. The contribution of volunteers and volunteer groups is also important.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the first moment that the intense phenomenon began, that is, on September 5, we stand and stand by the wintering Thessalian people. We will be by their side until this ordeal is over,” underlined Mr. Artophios.