He died in Rome, aged 87the well-known painter Ioulianos Kattinis.

Born in Damascus to Greek parents, the museums of Damascus and Palmyra served as his first, intense inspirations.

At the beginning of the 60s, Kattinis decides to leave for Europe and chooses Rome, because of its unique historical value. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts of the Italian capital, he became friends with renowned painters such as Mario Maffi and Giuseppe Canali.

At the same time, he comes into contact with all the artistic trends of Europe, making frequent trips to Paris, Athens, Vienna and Munich. In this way, his “personal expressionism” is formed.

His personal exhibitions are almost countless, in the period of six decades: from Amman and Beirut, to Rome, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, Munich and Milan.

During the period of the dictatorship of the colonels, he contributed generously, with his works, to the collection of money for the organizations of the Greek resistance. “I don’t speak Greek as well as I would like, but I feel deeply, distinctly Greek,” he used to say to his friends.

His visual creations were inspired, among other things, by the mystery of the Etruscans and were based on the marriage of engraving and painting.

The funeral of Iulianos Cattini took place today, in the Church of the Artists -Chiesa degli Artisti- in the People’s Square of Rome.