A total of 4,594 rescuess-removals of people who were taken to safe places have been carried out from 7 am on Tuesday, September 5, until 7 am today, according to information from the Fire Service.

At the same time, during the same period, the Operations Center of the Fire Department received 12,008 calls for water pumping and tree cutting.


*In the Region of Thessaly 9,641 calls to:

Magnesia, Larissa, Karditsa, Trikala and Skiathos and so far 2,980 water pumps have been carried out and 3,576 people have been transported to safe places.

*In the Region of Central Greece 961 calls to:

areas of northern Evia, Domoko and Lamia of Fthiotida as well as in Thebes and Livadia of Boeotia and 400 water pumps were carried out, 17 trees were cut and 152 people were transported to safe places.

*In the Region of Central Macedonia 40 calls to:

Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Serres and Katerini Pieria and 3 water pumpings, 25 tree cuttings and 4 object removals were carried out.

*In the Peloponnese Region 152 calls to:

Spetses, Epidaurus, Kranidi, Monemvasia and Corinth and 112 water pumpings, 7 tree fellings, 1 object removal and 15 people were transported to safe places

*In the Attica Region 1,214 calls, to:

areas of the basin, as well as on the islands of Aegina and Agistri and 819 water pumpings were carried out, 75 trees were cut and 44 people were transported to safe places

Also, from Thursday, September 7, 2023 until Tuesday, September 12, 2023 a total of 807 rescues-removals of people by aerial means were carried out.

At the same time, the air and ground means as well as S.mi.E.A. of P.S. they transport food, water, medicine and bedding to affected areas in the Region of Thessaly.

Finally, the Fire Department calls on all citizens to be particularly careful and to faithfully follow the instructions of the competent Authorities.