An urgent Sworn Administrative Examination is being conducted at the “Metaxa” oncology hospitalafter postponing major surgery on a patient who had been given general anesthesia and remained on the operating table for an hour.

The execution of the EDE was ordered by the deputy commander of the hospital, Mr. S. Efstathopoulos, in order to establish the cause of the serious damage to the ventilation system of the operating room (as well as its non-timely treatment), which resulted in the great suffering of the 52-year-old patient .

According to information from the Gynecology clinic, the patient, after waking up from anesthesia, was informed that the operation was scheduled to take place this morning.

On the occasion of yesterday’s incident, yesterday, broad meeting with the participation of the administration of the hospital, representatives of the Region, the municipality of Piraeus and the local Medical Association, in an effort to prioritize the treatment of the very serious problems in the infrastructure of “Metaxas”, due to the age of the building.

Some of the projects, which are necessary, have been launched, through the hospital building upgrade program. However, the problem concerning the central cooling-heating system has been left “behind”, as the relevant tender has been cancelled.

With funds that the Region has secured, through the NSRF, some important “wounds” of the hospital will be healed, such as the replacement of the radiotherapy machines which have been operating for 10-15 years and show frequent damage, as well as the supply of a modern CT scanner.

Two weeks ago, the Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Chrysochoidis, had removed, from his position, the administrator of the hospital until then, due to the shortage observed in the supply of drugs, which are used in chemotherapy.

The representatives of the workers had attributed the lack of funds for the supply of the specific medicines to bad financial management. This resulted in some oncology patients being delayed in their treatments.