Markieff Morris on Jokic’s backhand hit: “His turn will come, don’t laugh”

Markieff Morris on Jokic’s backhand hit: “His turn will come, don’t laugh”

On November 8, 2021, there was an uproar in the NBA, when o Markieff Morris had committed a hard foul on Nikola Jokic and he responded by falling backwards on him. The two players have since started a feud, with the Serbian Nuggets center joined by his beastly brothers on his first visit to Miami.

It may have been almost two years since then, but Markieff Morris has not forgotten the behavior of the “Joker” and speaking on the podcast of Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson he hinted that he has it… saved for him. “It was a sneaky blow. He didn’t do anything to me, he just jerked me. The team wanted to protect me, I was ready to play in two weeks, but the team kept me out for longer. I was not injured, nor was I in pain. His turn will come, don’t laugh!“, emphasized the 34-year-old ace.

I committed a deliberate foul and he attacked me from behind. I don’t know what he was thinking. They presented it as if I wanted to hit him. That’s how the league presented it, which fined me. What are you fining me (up to $50,000)? I’m the one who got hit! You hear people say that I shouldn’t have turned my back on him. If we were at a standstill I wouldn’t have turned my back, I would have continued on him. But we were in a game on the field and I was starting to drift away. How is that not a cheap shot? He hits me from behind and they say shouldn’t I have turned my back?“, he added.

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