Efforts are being made in Volos to overcome the serious problems left behind by the disaster.

But the urban complex of Volos econtinues for the eleventh day without potable drinking water and houses to be supplied with water suitable only for domestic use, while competent bodies remind of the risks of possible diseases from unsuitable water.

The residents of Volos, whose houses suffered great damage from the floods, are trying to get back on their feet and in every way and means are making efforts to clean their premises from the mud that swept away everything in its path, while the problems are also obvious to the businesses that will not operate both because of the lack of water and because the mud got in and damaged essential equipment.

A serious problem faced by the business world of Volos is that due to the lack of clean drinking water, large water-bearing industries that require the existence and supply of large amounts of clean water for the production process, such as dairy industries, soft drinks industries, and cheese factories, remain out of operation ,but also heavy industries that use water to cool furnaces.

As far as the catering and tourism sectors are concerned, the sector has suffered great financial loss since restaurants, tsipouradi shops, bars, cafes, bakeries cannot operate due to the lack of clean water and those shops that manage to operate face problems or use disposable products, while in the hotel sector, the hotels of Volos are either closed or almost empty since bookings and scheduled conferences have been cancelled.