It is very likely that the Athens-Thessaloniki highway will open todaywhich has been closed for days, due to the flooding caused in parts of the bad weather Danielaccording to Fire Department spokesman Deputy Fire Chief John Baker.

Speaking to ERT, Mr. Artophios emphasized that the final checks are currently being madewhile adding that the crews are working day and night, in order to open the new national road.

According to the spokesperson of the Fire Department, initially there was an assessment that the national road would be open to traffic again during the weekendbut as he underlined after the subsidence of the flood phenomena, which as he pointed out were very intense from kilometer 364 to kilometer 366, cleanup work has progressed much faster than expected.

“Very great efforts have been made and we believe that it will open much sooner, because it is in the final inspection at the moment, cleaning the road surface” he said characteristically.

Then Mr. Artophios emphasized that initially one lane will be given to traffic in each direction and then all other possibilities will be consideredso that the national road can be fully opened.

Asked if there is a chance that the Athens-Thessaloniki route will continue to operate today, Mr. Artopioos emphasized that the effort being made is to open the way today and “soon indeed”as he typically said.

However, he emphasized that there is the issue of ensuring the quality of the road surface and the safe passage of drivers. “As soon as these are secured, the road will be given to traffic” write down.

Finally, referring to the process, which is being followed to return the national road to traffic, he said that “the concession holder does the cleaning together with the forces of the Fire Departmentthen the control and recommendation will be made to EL.AS and from there on there will be the final order to open the road”.