A state of emergency has been declared on the small island of Lampedusa in Italy, due to the arrival of thousands of migrants in the last few hours.

With a population of 4,500 inhabitants, Lampedusa only yesterday received almost 7,000 refugees and irregular migrants, the majority of them from the long-suffering countries of the Sahel – Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mali, which are affected by poverty and extremist violence.

This is an absolute record, which is due to the favorable weather conditions, but also to the fact that the Tunisian coast guard does not practically exercise any kind of control.

On the islands, there is chaos as police try to manage the unprecedented migrant crisis as thousands of migrants literally pile on top of each other.

The Red Cross is struggling to help everyone as the hotspot can only accommodate a few hundred people, leaving many migrants sleeping on the streets.


The mayor of Lampedusa, Filippo Mannino, asked the European Union and the government of Rome to intervene immediately to reduce the number of immigrants and refugees, while the Minister of Transport and secretary of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, said that “this whole phenomenon is being dealt with by the in recent days and the Italian secret services, to verify a series of facts”.

At the same time, he warned that, “if the arrivals continue at an unabated rate, Italy may adopt every possible measure to deal with the problem.”


Two dead and 25 injured in an overturned bus carrying migrants

Two bus drivers died and 25 passengers were injured last night in a road accident 30 kilometers outside Rome. The bus was carrying migrants who in the past days had disembarked in Lampedusa, a detention center in the northern region of Piedmont.

In total, the bus, which had started its journey from Acragantas in Sicily and overturned, was carrying around 50 migrants. Two injured are in serious condition and were transferred to the University Polyclinic of Rome Agostino Gemelli. According to the police, the vehicle collided head-on with a truck.