All the competent bodies of the Region of Thessaly and the municipalities of the prefecture have turned to the continuation of the effort to restore the first damages in the wider area of ​​the prefecture of Larissa.

Among the first new developments, is the handover to traffic on the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road in the section of the Aegean Motorway, between Sykouri Motorway and Gyrtoni Motorway, which was blocked due to the overflowing of the Pinios River, with the consent of the competent bodies and the Greek Police.

However, the situation is different in the railway network, where there is a major destruction of the network infrastructure, as a result of which the Athens-Thessaloniki routes have been suspended. Public health problems are also serious where the risk of developing infectious diseases in Thessaly includes the West Nile virus, according to the Athens Observatory, due to stagnant water for days. At the same time, there is concern in the prefecture, with the dead animals that are exposed despite the efforts made to collect and remove them.

Furthermore, schools in the Region of Thessaly will remain closed and will not operate until September 22, as announced by the Region of Thessaly “due to the extreme weather conditions. Also according to the Region, the collection of aid from offers of organizations, businesses and citizens continues, which is sent according to needs to all the affected areas of Thessaly.

Finally, and today Saturday, the engineering teams of the Ministry of Infrastructure and in particular of the Directorate for the Rehabilitation of the Effects of Natural Disasters (DAEFK) will be in the affected areas of the Municipality of Larissa.