1176: The Byzantine army under Emperor Manuel I Comnenus suffers a severe defeat at Myriokephalos in Asia Minor, by the Seljuk Turks of Kilij Arslan.

1877: The XMH Electoral Law mandates the participation of the judiciary in all stages of the electoral process and during the compilation of electoral lists. With the above law, every democratic restriction of the right to vote is abolished and the voting time is limited to one day. Finally, severe penalties are imposed on violations committed during the elections.

1920: King of the Greeks Alexander I is injured by a monkey bite, trying to defend his beloved dog from the attack of two monkeys in the Royal Gardens of Tatoi. His doctors announce that his wound is nothing to worry about, but a few days later he will develop sepsis and die on October 12, 1920, aged 27.

1961: The military coup plotters of Ankara execute Adnan Menderes, who as prime minister of Turkey tolerated the pogrom against the Greek community in Istanbul.

1978:Egypt and Israel sign the Camp David peace treaty, Israel’s first peace agreement with a neighboring state.

2000: Leonidas Sampanis wins the silver medal in the 62 kg weightlifting category at the Sydney Olympics.


1923: Hank Williams, American country singer. He is considered one of the top musicians of this genre, with 36 of his songs entering the US Top 10. (D. 1/1/1953)

1934: Warren Mitowski, American pollster, the “father” of exit polls. (Than. 1/9/2006)

1940: Sotiris Moustakas, Greek actor. (Than. 4/6/2007)


1982: Manos Loizos, composer of Cypriot origin. (Born 22/10/1937)

1994: Karl Popper, British-Austrian epistemologist and philosopher. (“The open society and its enemies”) (Gen. 28/7/1902)

1996: Spiro Agniou, (Spyridon Anagnostopoulos), Greek-American politician, who served as vice president of the USA during the period 1969-1973, during the Nixon presidency. (Born 9/11/1918)