Operation to locate and rescue 79 refugees-immigrants who were on board a sailing boat, was carried out in the sea area southeast of Karpathos.

In particular, the Single Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SRC) of the Coast Guard Headquarters – Hellenic Coast Guard was informed by the European emergency call number 112 about the existence of a sailing vessel with a sufficient number of foreigners on board in a difficult position.

The local search and rescue plan was activated and lifeboat L.S. sailed for the area. – EL.AKT., as well as Patrol ship LS-EL.AKT., which spotted the above sailboat and immediately began the collection and rescue of a total of seventy-nine foreigners.

Afterwards, the foreigners in question were transported by the Patrol ship safely to the port of Lakki in Leros, where they were handed over to officials of the relevant Port Authority in order to be transferred to the K.Y.T. Leros, while the sailing vessel, empty of passengers, was driven by officers of the Port Authority of Karpathos, accompanied by the lifeguard and private boat to the port of Karpathos.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by the Port Authority of Karpathos.