Nikologiannis: “We see a better Panathinaikos, Jovanovic was vindicated for Bernard”


The latest news of Panathinaikouafter the commanding victory with 5-0 on Panaitolikos in Agrinio, transferred by Tasos Nikologiannis to News Bulletin 247.

The way in which Panathinaikos passed through Agrinio was imposing. He had a lot of patience in his game, although he did not enter the match well, but he managed to score the first goal and achieve his goal early on. He had scored the same goal in Dnipro. Then he completely uncoordinated Panathinaikos with his style of play and prevailed with his great quality“, the team reporter initially reported.

If we have a general conversation about this year’s Panathinaikos, there is a huge difference with last year. We are talking about another team and this has come quickly, since last year’s players are also improved with an extra year along with Jovanovic and the team is taking things from the youngsters without having adapted 100%“, he added.

And he went on to say:Right we stand on the great performance of Bernard, who played last year outside of Europe, and there were not the demands like in Europe, last year he was in a transitional stage. In Panathinaikos they showed patience, they believed him and at the same time there was doubt in Jovanovic’s face about Bernard. But it turned out that the coaches know something and now we see a player, because he has the longest contract. Yesterday he scored a hat-trick against Panaitolikos, he gave half the qualification against Marseille and yesterday the appearance of Fotis Ioannidis was great as he once again shows his class».

Source: Sport Fm

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