The perpetrator of the brutal murder of the 39-year-old parking attendant in the middle of the street, in Piraeus, at noon on Friday, is expected to be brought before the investigator in the Piraeus courts this morning, in order to apologize, according to ERT.

The elderly man, known in the neighborhood for his argumentative character, shot the victim – a father of three children – as he did not agree with the operation of the parking lot in the neighborhood.

The chronicle of the tragedy

The two men argued outside an open-air parking lot in Piraeus over parking and the cars they temporarily put on the pavement until they were parked. Reason for which he often fought with the victim who ran the particular business.

Then the perpetrator went up to his house and returned with the carbine with which he killed the unfortunate 39-year-old.

The perpetrator then called the Police admitting his act.

Soon the police arrived at the scene, where they arrested him. The victim, who was married and the father of small children, was taken to the Tzanio Hospital in Piraeus, where he was pronounced dead.