The district attorney, Eleni Kovtaktsiproposed to the Areio Pagos the rejection of the appeals of the two convicted for the murder of the young student Eleni Topaloudis, in November 2018 in Rhodes.

In detail, in the 6th Criminal Division of the Supreme Court (president Eleni Katsouli and prosecutor Eleni Kovtaktsi) the appeals filed by both the 26-year-old Roditis and his 24-year-old co-accused were discussed, who unanimously (judges and jurors) were finally sentenced to life imprisonment and 15 years for the murder and rape of Eleni Topaloudis.

As it is known, the 26-year-old Roditis and his 24-year-old co-accused, of Albanian origin, were finally unanimously sentenced to life and 15 years in prison by the Athens Mixed Court of Appeal for the crimes of homicide by intention and of the gang rape of the young student.

Today, during the hearing, Mrs. Kovtaktsi proposed to reject the grounds of appeal presented by the 26-year-old Roditis and his 24-year-old co-accused, pointing out thatthat the sentencing decision of the Court of Appeal has a specific and detailed reasoningas required by the Constitution and legislation.

At the same time, the district attorney stated that “judges are not influenced by the publications, they decide according to the Constitution and the laws”.

The condemned argued, among other things, that during their trial at the Court of Appeal their presumption of innocence was violated, as they did not have a fair trial, but also because of the great publicity the case had received. They also argued that serious evidence was not taken into account by the court.

Yet, the advocates of the Topaloudis family agreed with the prosecutor’s proposal, noting that the relevant decision bears the specific and detailed reasoning required by the law and the Constitution.

On the contrary, the lawyers of the two convicted persons supported in detail the reasons for appeal included in the relevant application of their principals and they requested the annulment of the Court of Appeal’s decision.

Within the next period the decision of the 6th Criminal Department of the Supreme Court is awaited.

Pan. Tsimbukis