Ioanna Paliospyrou, three years after the vitriolic attack she suffered, published an ocracked post on her personal Instagram accounttoday is Tuesday.

The same, shared in her stories a conversation with a married man, who tells her that he is interested in her. Yes, Joanna warned her followers that if they throw vitriol at her again, they should know what has happened.

Specifically, in her story she writes:

“In the next story you will see 2 things: 1. An animal that I really don’t know if or what it thinks. 2. The “reason” I was attacked with vitriol. If they throw me again don’t look for who and what and make science fiction scenarios. PS It is one example of many. A disappointment overall. Everyone knows what I’ve taken, but some people don’t get it.”

From the conversation it seems that the man constantly texts her seeking a more personal conversation with her. Ioanna asks him why he is sending her messages.


Then he tells her that he likes him a lot and then, Ioanna Paliospyrou asks him if his wife knows this.

“Does Olga know?” she says. “Haha, that I like you? I didn’t do anything wrong” he answers her.


In the next story on the subject, Ioanna Paliospyrou writes in detail:

1. He kept texting me.
2. Of course I informed his wife.
3. I will always support women, and I have eaten my face. Literally..
4. He believes it when he says he didn’t do anything wrong. He thinks it’s ok, really.”

Subsequently, invited her followers to tell her their opinion.


“Am I wrong? What would you do?? Some people I don’t understand, honestly” he wrote and created a quiz.