Targeted police actions were carried out throughout the territory between September 18-19, 2023, as part of the implementation of the Strategic Planning of the Hellenic Police Headquarters to combat crime and improve the level of security for citizens.

In this context, units were activated with the participation of visible and invisible police officers, from various Services, taking into account the local operational plans and placing particular emphasis on areas and settlements where increased incidents of delinquency are observed.

During the above actions throughout the country, -15,410- vehicles and -21,094- persons were checked while:

  • -303- arrests for various offences
  • -848- additions,
  • -4,034- ​​violations of the Code of Civil Procedure
  • -103- vehicle immobilizations and
  • -3- vehicle confiscations.
  • In particular, police actions were carried out in areas in the historical center of Athens, with the participation of police officers from the Sub-Directorate of Patrols of the Athens Police Directorate, where -386- checks were carried out, -32- people were brought in, while -7- people were arrested, of which the -4- for trade.

In addition, the special operational actions continued in areas of Western Attica, which focused on the areas of Agia Varvara, Acharna and Zephyrio.

More detail:

  • -266- person checks and -127- vehicle checks were carried out,
  • -50- people were brought in,
  • –5– people were arrested, of which -2- for damage to foreign property, -1- for domestic violence, -1- for theft and -1- for threat while
  • 38 violations of the Code of Civil Procedure were confirmed.
  • Similar actions took place in the area of ​​Paania, where -43- checks were carried out, while -5- people were brought in and -5- people were arrested, including -4- for electricity theft and -1- for decision.
  • Accordingly, in targeted police actions, which took place in areas of Corinth (Vrachati and Examilia), -42- checks of persons, -39- checks of vehicles were carried out, while -1- person was arrested for violating the Code of Criminal Procedure… and -5- people were brought.

Similar police actions were also carried out in Northern Greece, in accordance with the existing strategic planning of the General Regional Police Directorates, placing particular emphasis on areas with increased incidents of crime.

In this context, in areas of Thessaly and specifically in Karditsa, Trikala, Kalambaka, Pyli and Farkadona:

  • 110 people and 91 vehicles were checked,
  • -1- person was brought in,
  • -1- person was arrested for a decision,
  • confirmed -11- Code of Criminal Procedure violations,
  • -1- vehicle stopped while,
  • -2- solid waste collection and processing enterprises (SWAP) were audited.
  • Furthermore, targeted actions were carried out in Central Macedonia, specifically in Peleka Katerinis, in the context of which -23- people and -15- vehicles were checked.
  • Finally, a targeted police action was carried out in Arta, where -30- people and -19- vehicles were checked, while -3- people were arrested.

The targeted police actions regarding the prevention and suppression of crime and the improvement of the level of security of citizens continue.