Thriller case is developing in the last hours in Central Greece with the focus initially on Lamia.

According to his report LamiaReport have been missing since midday on Wednesday (20/9/23), a father and son who were traveling in a black Peugeot from Lamia to Arta, probably via the Thermopylae – Antirrio highway.

This is a 65-year-old man who was found in Lamiato collect his 38-year-old son from the General Hospital, as earlier the latter had a serious accident in the area of ​​Tymfristos Fthiotida.

It is about the 38-year-old who with his cararound 2 a.m., he had gone off the road at the 1.7 km/h Timfristos – Karpenisiou road, but luckily for him, he stopped 5-6 meters below the road. He was not seriously injured and was transported by EKAV ambulance for first aid and examinations to the General Hospital of Karpenisi.

By ambulance and again by EKAV, he was then transferred to his TEP Lamia General Hospital to complete his exams, which came out “clean” as he was discharged to go home.

From that point on, the traces of both the 38-year-old and his 65-year-old father have been lost.

The mother and wife of the missing, became concerned and notified the police, who immediately signaled all services along the possible route as well as in neighboring areas.

According to the latest information the stigma from the mobile phones identifies a fairly large area mainly from Galaxidi and until after Antirriohowever the authorities are “combing”, all the difficult parts of the national road that connects Lamia to Patras.

From Thursday afternoon (21/9/23) assistance to the police services is provided by the fire services and the echelons mainly from Phocis and Nafpaktiawhile in the anxious searches he also participates the 7th EMAK with special rescue equipment.