With new nails against Efi Ahtsioglouaccompanied by called for “unity” Stefanos Kasselakis returns through social media to evolving trench warfare in SYRIZAtwo days before the second round ballots. Stefanos Kasselakis, bypassing the commotion that aroused by his reference to the possessions, as “their own state”, which he attempted to attribute it to fatigue and his… rusty Greekresponds to his candidacy by claiming that he had sent her proposals last July “to put them on her program” “To help, to discuss, to be present”, he says, and “accuses” Mrs. Ahtsioglou that she never answered him – “her right”. In fact, the video shows a message to Ms. Ahtsioglou that begins in English “as promised”. Alongside, appeals to lower the tone and adds that “we are comrades and this word from Monday will unite us”.

The full text of his post Mr. Kasselakiswhere comes with a videofollows:

I’m sorry to speak sadly.
But the truth is that when I was running for office, I didn’t imagine that, two days before the election, the situation would have gotten so out of hand.

I’ve been holding back all this week on purpose, because I don’t want to feed all this tension.

I support my competitor in public, I hear “you didn’t support me”.
I see every video of her pointing her arrows at me, as if I were Mitsotakis.

I call her Efi, as I always call Alexis Alexis, and instead of a hand of friendship she considers it an understatement.
I see that she is circulating scenarios, that I was a collaborator of Mitsotakis, and who refutes her? Yannis Pretenderis!

I am forced to say that I addressed Efi Ahtsioglou in July, shortly after her nomination, sending suggestions to put, if she wanted, on her schedule. To help. To discuss. To be present.

It is in this here paper, which I am making public.

She never answered me – that’s her right – but I considered it my moral obligation to contribute to her struggle.

I had no self-purpose for self-promotion. I wanted “together” and I didn’t find it.
This “togetherness” I ask of you.
I emphasize the word: UNITY

You are its guarantors.
SYRIZA is only yours.

I appeal for. Tone it down. Vote for whoever you want on Sunday. Feel the need for the person next to you to vote the opposite of you.
This is a great word.
We don’t spread it.
This word from Monday will unite us.

This word is engraved Left in our heart.