Classes in primary and secondary schools in Thessaly start tomorrow, Mondaytwo weeks after the official start of the school year, due to problems caused by the weather and in the school buildings.

The Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis announced in a Facebook post that the bell will ring for the first time in the schools of Thessaly on Monday and that the big bet after the disaster is the return of the school community to their desks with maximum security.

“We are here and we will stay as long as necessary” characteristically writes Mr. Pierrakakis who accompanies his post with photos from his visits to the school complexes of Giannouli, Falani, Farkadona, Prodromos, Palamas and Sofades.

As announced by the Ministry of Education the manufacture, mbased on the documents of the municipalities regarding the suitability and safety of the school buildings under their responsibility, problems are presented in 28 of the total 1,034 school units of the Region of Thessaly (2.7%) and concern 1,226 of the total of 90,181 students of the Region of Thessaly (1.36%).

The following list can be changed according to the decisions of the Municipalities. Based on the data so far, the situation is as follows:

A. They will be temporarily relocated to school buildings in the same or neighboring municipalities and on a morning shift (except for two cases where an afternoon shift is explicitly mentioned) the following school units or classes of school units:



The transportation of the students of the above schools has been provided for and will be covered by the Region of Thessaly.

B. Still, it will work “Digital school” for the students of all grades in the villages of Puri, Kissos, Ag. Dimitrios and Anilio of the municipality of Zagora-Mouresi, Magnesia due to difficulties in the transition of the students due to problems with the road network.

YPAITHA ensured and tablets will be granted to school units to be used by all students who will attend classes through the digital school. More information about the conduct of the courses will be sent by the relevant Education Department.

C.Students whose families have been displaced due to the devastating effects of the flood, they can enroll and attend classes in a school in the area where they now live. The Directorates of Education will send relevant instructions to the School Units. It goes without saying that at any time it becomes possible to return to their original place of residence, they will have the possibility to change school units.

YPAITHA in collaboration with the Region of Thessaly and the Municipalities they are trying to smooth out all the problems to make possible the smooth return of students to schools with maximum safety. More specifically:

The controlsexcept for school complexes, they extend to the roads leading to and from themwhile the potential foci of infection near the schools will have been removed by Monday.

In the areas where, based on the reports of the health authorities, there are concerns about the quality of the water, care is taken to provide students and teachers with bottled water.

also provision is made for children, where necessary, to have at their disposal protective masks for all use and antiseptics.

There will be making up for lost teaching hours within the current school year. The local Directorates of Education are responsible.

The Ministry of the Interior launched them procedures for the immediate replacement of damaged educational materials and school equipment.

Schools will open with teachers and professors ready to support students academically as well as psychologically. Already, specialist scientists have gone to the affected areas to provide their assistance, where it is needed.

The political leadership of the Ministry of Finance has already moved to the regionin order to help solve the last problems before the first bell of the year for 90,181 students and 11,500 teachers.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Region of Thessaly are constantly at the disposal of the school community with the aim of smooth start of the school year in Thessaly.