The news that a 62-year-old man killed a kitten in Lesvos causes horror and disgust.

According to the police announcement, the 62-year-old fatally injured the kitten with a fishing rod on Thursday afternoon.

He was charged with a felony, fined accordingly and referred by the Prosecutor to plead before an Investigator on Monday morning.

According to, until his apology, the 62-year-old remains a prisoner at the police station.

The ELAS announcement

He was arrested, yesterday (22-09-2023) in Plomari, Lesvos, after the immediate mobilization of police officers of the Police Department of Plomari, a citizen, against whom a criminal case was filed for animal murder, as well as for violating the legislation on weapons.

In particular, as reported to the Police Authority, yesterday afternoon in the above area, the arrested person fatally injured an animal (cat) with a fishing rod.

An administrative fine provided for by law was also confirmed against him.

The rod was confiscated, while the preliminary investigation work is carried out by the Police Department of Plomari.