A message of unity for the next day of SYRIZA-PS was sent by the president of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-PS, Sokratis Famellos, in the statement he made after voting in the internal party election.

“Today is a big and happy day. The participation is already progressing very well, we have passed the previous Sunday’s participation. This is very encouraging, it shows the demand of the people to have a strong SYRIZA. At the same time, it creates demands and obligations for us. It is a democratic process that, beyond the formal characteristics, that it is developing correctly throughout the country, gives the floor to the citizens and to the base of SYRIZA. This process is very important. After the electoral defeat and the departure of Alexis Tsipras, a new day for us begins tomorrow. Obviously, with our meeting procedures, it will lead to the necessary reinforcement of our program, our positions, but also of all the organs. What matters is the crucial electoral process and that from tomorrow morning we will all be together. We will not just be SYRIZA here, all the people will be here, the whole society, all comrades, with absolute respect for the result and the goal which is not SYRIZA, it is Greece. Our need is to live better. This is what SYRIZA serves and this is what we will serve all together”, said Sokratis Famellos.

When asked how unity will be ensured after last week’s tensions, he replied: “We have the commitment of the candidates and we have the commitment of the SYRIZA family. A full reboot is important. More than 150,000 members want SYRIZA to be strong the next day. I’m sure we’ll all be together. SYRIZA is a collective democratic party, we act collectively, we decide democratically, we act unitedly. That will be the feature the next day.”