A 66-year-old man had all the luck on his side in the village of Allagi of the Municipality of Oichalia on Sunday afternoon, when he received not one, but four shots with a carbine by his brother, after an argument they had over a minor difference.

The 66-year-old was shot in the abdomen and seriously injured, he was taken to the Kalamata Hospital. Fortunately, he is hospitalized out of danger, while yesterday morning the 56-year-old assailant was taken to the Kalamata district attorney on charges of attempted murder and violation of weapons legislation.

The houses of the two brothers they are very close to the village and their argument on Sunday afternoon reportedly started over a… mulberry tree.

The fight happened outside their homes and at some point the younger brother took a rifle, which he did not hesitate to turn against his brother.

According to the data collected by the police services, the 56-year-old shot at the 66-year-old four times, hitting him in the abdomen.

Fortunately, the 66-year-old was immediately transported to the Kalamata General Hospital, where he remains hospitalized in a stable condition and his life is not in danger.

Police officers from the Oichalia Department rushed to the village, located the 56-year-old perpetrator at his home and arrested him for attempted murder.

They also found the weapon he used, while four shell casings were collected from the scene of the incident.

In a search of the house, two shotguns, which he illegally possessed, and 19 cartridges were found and confiscated.

The Oichalia Police Department is conducting a preliminary investigation into the case.

From the prosecutor, where the 56-year-old was taken yesterday, he was referred to the investigator, from whom he asked and got a deadline to apologize on Thursday.