I see things calmly and I try to see them from a distance, said Giorgos Varemenos speaking to SKAI about the change of leadership in SYRIZA and Stefanos Kasselakis’ first place in Sunday’s elections.

“We live in an era where politics has been replaced by communication and that’s what Mitsotakis did, he replaced politics with communication” he said and added that the impression that exists in the world is that Kasselakis can beat Mitsotakis.

Speaking about the situation within SYRIZA, he said that the party is on the edge of SYRIZA, “we will see how Stefanos Kasselakis will proceed”.

And he noted: “I’ve gone crazy, not just me. I was more shocked by the result of the June election. In the world there is a cult of the unknown, of an imperishable. But how can you be indestructible in a country like Greece and come out naked?”

Mr. Varemenos continued by saying: “Stefanos Kasselakis did not found a new party. He came young, bright and communicative and could have founded a new party, but he didn’t. Does he want her on the Left or the Center Left? Shouldn’t we find out what Stefanos Kasselakis wants?”

And he concluded: “Stefanos Kasselakis surpasses Mitsotakis in communication, but the work is not finished, we have to discuss, let him say I want to take the country there.”