The suspension of economic activities in the burnt forest area of ​​Evros announced on Tuesday the Ministry of Environment and Energy (YPEN).

On the occasion of recent publications concerning the development of economic activities within the outer border of the forest burned area from the recent large fire in Evros, the Ministry of the Interior reports the following:

“Due to the very large extent of this particular fire, special care is required in terms of the protection of fauna and flora of the specific forest ecosystem. Something that leads the Ministry of Internal Affairs to adopt (also provided for by European law) precautionary principle in this particular case” is emphasized.

Following this, by order of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Theodoros Skylakakis, suspended for up to one year, the implementation of the projects and works, which, although they are permissible interventions by the provisions of the forestry and other legislation, it is possible due to their nature to bring about adverse consequences to the now understandable, ecologically sensitive flora and fauna of the area in question, until the completion of a relevant study, which will be commissioned immediately and will investigate this issue in a targeted manner.

As far as grazing is concerned, which is not possible in regenerating forests, in cooperation with the competent ministries (YPAAT), the affected will be immediately supported to carry out their activities outside the area under reforestation.

  1. The relevant decision was taken on 9/8 by the Regional Environmental Licensing Council. A fact, which was reflected in the relevant Decision on the Approval of Environmental Terms (AEPO) on 20.9.2023.
  2. The precautionary principle is an approach to risk management according to which, if there is a possibility that a given policy or action will cause harm to humans or the environment, and if there is not yet a scientific consensus on the issue, it should not be pursued policy or action in question. However, policy or action may be reconsidered when more scientific information becomes available. The principle is defined in Article 191 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Commission communication on the precautionary principle here.