The situation regarding the Sperchios river in the area of ​​Fthiotida is worrying for hours with the situation as time goes on and the rainfall intensifies to be particularly critical.

According to the information that is available at this time (just before 3:00 in the afternoon) the water level has reached almost equal to the road surface in the area of ​​Frantzis from information of

A problem was created earlier in the area of ​​Mexiata from the Kakkavos stream however at this moment the specific issue has been settled.

The candidate for mayor of Lamia is also on the rampartsPanourgia Papaioannou who was at the Party in order to be informed closely about what is about to happen.

The same time at the new bridge in Costalexi, the river level rises, causing it to break into adjacent fields since portable materials and logs have accumulated at the point, blocking the flow of water.

Old and new bridge in Costalexi area

They are on alert in the party area since the level of the Sperchios river is about 90 points before overflowing the existing embankments.

According to the predictions of the civil protection experts who are monitoring in various parts of the Sperchios River, heavy rainfall is expected to further burden the river, with flooding not being ruled out at this time.

The key point is what will happen at approximately 7:00 in the afternoon when it is estimated that the waters of the torrents from Western Fthiotida and Mountainous Evrytania and Oiti will reach the area.

In the area of ​​Loutra Ypatis in Gefyra

The big bet is not to collapse the dikes so that the water overflows marginally but does not drown the Party and other areas.

Difficult times for Milina – Elias “sweeps” the village

Milina is also going through difficult times for the second time in a few days.

As reported by the, after the “hit” of bad weather “Daniel”, this morning the new wave with the code name “Elias” sweeps the village of South Pelion.