Eugeniou: “I am unable to take on old debts – If a solution is not found, Hercules will not descend on Sunday”!


For the umpteenth time in its recent history, the Hercules is on the brink and the possibility of being relegated from the Super League 2 championship and leading the team to extinction is now serious!

The president of PAE, Eugene’s armyhe repeated, after the rejection of the appeal of the Mara casewith his statements to ERASPOR about his inability to assume the old debts and additionally emphasized that if a solution is not found by the Amateur, then Heracles will not come down to compete even on Sunday with the Rebirth of Karditsa!

From the beginning, when I came to Heraklis, I had stated that I would only take on the obligations that would arise from my tenure. I am unable to take on past obligations and I had made that clear. I am now waiting to hear from GS and Mr. Panagopoulos if the matter has been settled and I have given a deadline until Friday. If no solution is found, then the team will not compete with Karditsa either, because there is no reason“, he initially reported.

Continuing, the major shareholder of Herakles added: “I cannot respond to this development and the solution must come from elsewhere. Unfortunately, they don’t want Heraklis and it seems that he bothers them. If nothing changes, this year the team will not compete anywhere and then he should logically start from the 3rd National Team».

The request for Mara was rejected, he is in danger of being expelled from the league!

On Wednesday morning (27/09) the EPO Arbitration Court rejected the request of Hercules for the resolution of his case Bogdan Mara!

This means that if they are not paid immediately 220,000 euros to the Romanian veteran footballer, “The Old Man” is now in serious danger of expulsion from the Super League 2 championship. If the money is not paid by Friday, -3 will be entered on Monday. Then it will be given deadline until October 6 and if the matter is not settled, then there will be expulsion. If he pays, of course, he gets -3 back.

The possibility of appeal to CAS is legally required.

Until recently, his administration Stratou Evgeniou she seemed unwilling, not only to pay the money, but not even to settle, which, of course, means that Heracles is now in danger of extinction.

It is worth reminding that the 45-year-old Mara wore the jersey of Herakles during the season 2010-11 during the presidency Antonis Remo.

Source: Sport Fm

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