Many areas of Thessaly, as well as northern Evia, are facing serious problems from the flooding phenomena, which occurred due to the bad weather “Elias”.

Particularly difficult is the situation in Volos, as only in the wider area, according to the Fire Department, 153 people had to be moved to safe places, while overall 257 people were transported to safe places from the area of ​​Magnesia. The Fire Department Operations Center has received 420 calls only for the city of Volos. As it became known from the Fire Department, from two villages in the Thessalian plain, Achillio and Armeni, a total of 79 people (19 and 60) had to be transported to safe places, without anyone being in danger, however due to the rising water level it was deemed necessary to move away.

The people were transported by municipal buses, while the Fire Department was also present at the scene to intervene if necessary. According to the Fire Department, these two areas were also affected by the bad weather “Daniel” and although water had been pumped out, no order had been given for the residents to return to them, due to the fact that they are very close to Lake Karla.

The firefighting forces in the region of Thessaly and especially remain on alert and particularly reinforced in Magnesia, as although the phenomenon has now weakened, according to the National Meteorological Service, strong rains and storms are forecast in places in the region of Magnesia until the midday hours.

Fire Department: 1,200 calls in Magnesia

In total 1,200 calls received the Operations Center of the Fire Department in the Magnesia Regional Unit from noon yesterday until today at 7 am, according to the information from the Fire Department. Moreover, so far 19 water pumpings have been carried out, while 257 people were transferred to safe places.

According to the Fire Department, in the District Thessaly, from Tuesday 5th September until today at 7am the Operations Center received 10,495 calls and so far they have been 3,768 water pumpingswhile 3,577 people were transferred to safe places.

In the Region Mainland Greece from yesterday until today at 7 am, the PS Operations Center received 173 calls and so far 72 water pumpings, 25 tree fellings and 9 transports of people to safe places have been carried out.

In the Region Peloponnese, in the Regional Unit of Corinth, from the afternoon of Monday September 25 to today at 7 am, received 77 calls, of which 29 were for pumping water, three for cutting trees and two for transporting people to safe places.

In the Region Of Western Greece, in the Regional Unit of Achaia, from yesterday to today, received 15 calls of which 12 for water pumping and 4 for tree cutting.

In the Region of Attica, from yesterday, Wednesday, September 27, until today at 7 am, 70 calls were received and 49 water pumpings, 17 tree cuttings and four transports of people to safe places have been carried out.

Finally, the Fire Department calls on citizens to be particularly careful and follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

It should be noted that since yesterday evening traffic has been prohibited in the wider area of ​​Volos by order of ELAS, while according to the Fire Department, two messages from 112 had to be sent to the residents of the area in order to stop traffic.

Regarding Evia, the situation remains difficult, while heavy rains are occurring. In fact, by order of the mayor, it was decided to prohibit traffic in the areas of Asmini, Pefki, Artemisio and Gouves of Evia due to the development of dangerous weather phenomena. The residents were even notified by a 112 message about the traffic ban.

According to the Fire Department, the main road network is facing a serious problem. Specifically, the most serious problem is in the central road network that starts from Psachna and reaches Mantoudi and from there to N. Evia.