The 53-year-old Belarusian monk who was the victim of a beating by a 35-year-old Romanian monk, on Mount Athos, after a fight between them and after they had consumed alcohol, is being hospitalized for the 11th day at the Hippocrates Hospital in Thessaloniki.

This was stated by the lawyer of the 53-year-old monk, addressing the judges of the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki where the case was scheduled to be heard today.

She pointed out that her client was going to be disconnected from his mechanical breathing support within 24 hours and for the above reasons, she explained, she was unable to appear in the audience.

Because the side of the 35-year-old defendant insisted on his position that his presence is necessary at the hearing in order to be examined, the court adjourned the case to the first 10 days of November.

This was the third adjournment granted by the court.

The incident happened on the afternoon of September 17 in the courtyard of the Holy Monastery of Hilandari.

According to the case file, the 35-year-old – who lives in a monastery in Karditsa and was on the Holy Mount for a few days – hit the 53-year-old with his feet and hands, as well as with a plastic bottle, even while he was on the ground.

The reason seems to have been an argument between them over a religious issue. The prosecution brought against him is that of grievous bodily harm.