The situation remains difficult in Volos, Karditsa and Northern Evia since the passage of bad weather Elias. The night passed calmly, without severe weather phenomena and the waters have receded, however, a large amount of mud remains.

At the same time, the fire brigades of Magnesia continue to remove water from houses and shops, after the second bad weather. According to what he reported to, an executive of P.Y. In Volos, the calls from fellow citizens are continuous, with the result that levels of the service are scattered mainly in the city and in flooded areas and are trying.

Characteristic of the prevailing situation are the 1,520 calls received by the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade from Wednesday morning to 18.00 Thursday evening, while only from Wednesday to Thursday night there were 257 rescues in the city of Volos.


This is the second bad weather to hit Magnesia in a few days with residents trying to save what is left of their properties.

Bad weather

All the schools of the Municipality of Volos will remain closed today as well, according to relevant decisions, while at the same time efforts continue to restore water supply and electricity in areas that were once again left without water and electricity. However, power has been restored in several areas.

In the capital of Magnesia, large forces of the Army are present and assisting in calls for help while the entire force of the 32nd Marine Brigade is on the streets with large vehicles, boats and work equipment of the 1st Army and they are trying in cooperation with firefighting forces that have arrived from all over Greece to support a ruined city.


Many districts of Volos and its suburbs have been inundated by water and mud such as the Old Port Authority, Papadiamanti, Agios Panteleimonas, part of the center and the beach of Volos, Palaia, Agioi Anargyroi, Neo Delta, Neapoli, the Polytechnic, as Krausidonas overflowed.


Central roads turned into rivers, cars were swept away, while the “Achillopouleo” hospital has also suffered significant damage. Many roads are impassable, while several districts are still under water. Ano Volos is cut off from transportation, as the bad weather caused great damage to the road network. In several places, the asphalt opened in two, landslides occurred.


The images are tragic in Agria where all the roads have been destroyed, many houses have been flooded, businesses on the beach front have been destroyed, cars have been swept into the sea, the railway network has been damaged. The same scene in Ano and Kato Lechonia, as well as in Platanidia. The road network in Paidopoli and Agria has been destroyed and there is no road connection to Volos. As well as South Pelion with the capital of Magnesia.


Similar images in the western suburbs of Volos, with disasters in Alykes, Pefkakia, Kritharia, Agios Georgios Kynigon and Marathos.


Residents in Palamas Karditsa are on alert

Residents in the communities of Palamas Karditsa are also on alert, due to the overflowing of the Sofaditis river. In Thessaly the volume of water that fell according to the Meteo of the National Observatory came very close to that of the recent storm Daniel, while in Evia, the rain heights of the storm Elias recorded from Mantoudi to Istiaia were higher.

The Sofaditis river overflowed with the result that the villages of Phyllos and Orfana are submerged under the muddy waters.

Problems in Larissa as well

In Larissa, the municipalities of Killeler and Farsalon have been flooded. The biggest problem in Sotirio of the municipality of Killeler, which drowned in the waters for the second time and has been evacuated by the residents. Traffic in the village is only by tractor. The old highway remains closed.

The water level of Pinios has risen to about 4 meters, but the worrying thing is that the water in the plain of Larissa, in some places, has exceeded 6 meters and no way has been found to drain it immediately.

The situation is dramatic in Northern Evia.

THEThe devastation caused by the bad weather Elias is also great in Northern Evia. they don’t have a stop in the area.

In particular, the municipality of Limni – Mantoudi – Agia Anna is experiencing unprecedented situations from extreme weather phenomena. Whole houses, now, have become ballast in the rushing waters and the residents helplessly see the destruction.


Indicative four villages in the Municipality of Istiaia-Edipsos were cut off after the heavy rains after the area was filled with tons of mud with the volume of water threatening homes and infrastructure.

Many areas remain without electricity and water after the damage caused to the network by overflowing rivers. The color of the sea changed from the mud that came down from the mountain, roads disappeared, houses and businesses were drowned in the muddy waters, while brought materials from the burnt forests are creating serious problems in the villages, many of which have been blocked.