1791: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” premieres in Vienna.

1876: The Athens Stock Exchange is founded, by the government of Alexandros Koumoundouros.

1968: 34 people are killed and 125 injured in a train tragedy in Greece. A train heading to Athens crashes at a speed of 80 km into another train also heading to Athens and has stopped 500 meters from Derveniou Corinthia station, when one of the passengers pulled the danger signal. Both trains had started from Pyrgos and were carrying non-residents, who had gone to their homelands to vote in the September 29 referendum on the approval of the Hundred Constitution.

1983: Giorgos Dalaras gives a concert in the packed Olympic Stadium, setting a record for a Greek artist in terms of attendance. “Greek music enters the arena” writes the magazine “Rolling Stone”.

1987 :“Gazi”, the old factory, is being transformed into a center of artistic creation, on the initiative of the mayor Miltiadis Evert.

1999: The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to the German author Guinder Grass, author, among other things, of the novel “The Little Drummer”.


1898: Orestis Makris, Greek actor. (D. 29/1/1975)

1924: Nikos Rizos, Greek comic actor. (D. 20/4/1999)

1964: Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and model.


1826: Yannis Gouras, one of the controversial figures of the Greek Revolution. He fell dead from a Turkish volley. (Born 1771)

1955: James Dean, American actor. (Born 8/2/1931)

1985: Charles Richter, American geophysicist, who discovered the eponymous scale for measuring the size of earthquakes. (Born 26/4/1900)