The payments of the last market pass allowance to the beneficiaries started yesterday, Friday 29 September 2023 and concerns the months of August, September and October.

It is reminded that citizens can submit their applications through the digital platform, or through the K.E.P. until Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Beneficiaries who had already received the financial aid in the previous months do not need to re-submit the application.

The aid is 10% of the monthly amount of purchases up to 1,000 euros and its amount starts from 22 euros per month for single-member households and is increased by 10 euros for each additional member of the household. The above purchase limit does not apply to beneficiaries with more than six (6) dependent children.

The total value of the real estate must not exceed the amount of two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euros for the unmarried, widowed or separated debtors and the amount of four hundred thousand (400,000) euros for the married or parties to a cohabitation agreement and single-parent families.

Beneficiaries and amounts

– Until Monday 2/10: Payment to 2,610,000 beneficiaries

– Average 3-month allowance: €87

The payment is for:

* Submission of applications: Until 25/9

* Beneficiaries: Previous semester

– 100% subsidy: 2,030,000 beneficiaries (immaterial card)

– Subsidy (80%): 570,000 beneficiaries (bank account)

– Requests from 26/9 to 31/10: Payment 5/11

Income criteria

Up to €16,000: Singles

Up to €24,000: Married without children (single parent 1 child) + €5,000: For each child

Asset criteria:

€250,000: Singles

€400,000: Married

Where can the digital debit card be redeemed?

The amount of money credited to the Market Pass digital debit card can be used exclusively by the beneficiary to make the purchase of goods of any kind in stores or street markets active in the retail trade of food, such as Grocers, Supermarkets, Butchers, Patisserie Shops, Dairy Shops products, Bakeries, Various food stores.