Here we play. And we have a good time, because the teams make history, no matter how “difficult” the challenge they have to win is. The … established couples “broke up” and the result was delightful, when the news met the sports.

The “Dekatians” briefly left 100.3 and SKAI TV and met “Leres”, the best – as they call themselves – show at 94.6.

Nobody found out, of course, how Yiannis Pittaras got along with Giorgos Marathianos, opposite the very dynamic couple of Giorgos Grigoriadis and Nikolas Aktypis. The teams were so eager to play, that they made the task of Valentina Nikolakopoulou, who was called to coordinate the game, quite difficult, especially when one of them tried to “steal”.

The questions of the sports challenge did not seem to be difficult for the two teams who declared to us football, basketball, athletics, Euroleague, NBA. One would bet that the athletic “Leres” would take all the burden of the answers on themselves, but the “Dekatians” proved to be much stronger than one would have thought. The battles strong, the competition great, the will to win made these special couples quite naughty.

“Who won the World Cup in Qatar”, “In which team did Ivan Jovanovic play a career”, “What does Miltos Tedoglou dislike about his matches”, “What sport did Sergey Bubka play” were some of the questions that ignited the spirits in the game, with the collaborations, but also the sponses on both sides. Like another Champions League final, the match ended in a 5-5 draw. There was no overtime, no penalty, so the victory was decided by… Vassilis Spanoulis, who assisted George Marathianos for the buzzer beater of victory, amid the boos of the losers !

Valentina Nikolakopoulou blew the whistle and the winners received their gift, which was nothing but our love and the joy of participation. The possibility of a rematch, however, remained open, since regardless of victory, we all have a common love, the game! Here we play.