SKAI made new revelations in this evening’s news report regarding the lockout that entered OAKA. The revelations are related to the content of the tender notice for the study concerning the staticity of the roof, according to which the company had the obligation if it identified a problem to inform the competent administrations.

According to the SKAI report, the 112-page study concludes that the contracting company DOMI SA should have informed the administrations of TAIPED and OAKA at regular intervals to intermediate findings of the audit.

In particular, three characteristic passages are presented that refer to the specific obligation that the company had.

A) The contractor is obliged during the provision of his services to cooperate closely with the control team: TAIPED officials, OAKA officials and their advisers.
B) Defective welds are recorded in detail and immediate information is given to TAIPED and OAKA so that they can be repaired
C) After the end of the tightening check, information is given to TAIPED and OAKA so that any damage to the paint of the bolting can be repaired.

According to the above, three questions arise:

1) TAIPED and OAKA were indeed informed by the contracting company about the findings of the audit in this period of 8.5 months that it took to close the tender for the roof inspection.

2) If so, why didn’t the administrations of TAIPED and OAKA send warnings to the people and organizations that used OAKA

3) If not, it constitutes a breach of the contracting company’s contractual obligations

In communication that SKAI had with TAIPED, it appears that there was indeed communication with DOMI SA, which complied with its contractual obligations. However, as he points out, the final result for the stability of the Calatrava roof came only after the final study was submitted last August.

What the experts say about the stability of the roof

At the same time, experts who participated in both the design and construction of these metal roofs, speaking to SKAI, appear reassuring.

“Listeners who say it is ready to fall, which are unjustified and from unrelated people will not be colleagues who know what total collapse means. Until we reach a total collapse and the world sees the Calatrava stadium collapse, I could not have imagined this even in my wildest dreams, even if I live another 20 years” points out the emeritus professor of NTUA, Ioannis Ermopoulos

“There are some problematic points, but the tension that has been created, I have to admit, that makes an impression on me” points out the civil engineer, Phaidon Karydakis