The announcement for filling 500 organic positions of uniformed employees (categories PE, TE, DE) of the Judicial Police, the Ministry of Justice posted on the website (

Particularly, 30 positions in the sector are announced PE of the Judicial Police, 70 posts in the TE branch and 400 posts in the DE branch.

The candidates who will be selected will provide their services to the Police Sector Department of the Judicial Police Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, as well as to the regional Judicial Police Services of the police sector, based in the Council of State, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court Pagu, at the Court of Auditors, as well as at the Prosecutor’s Offices and the courts of the Country.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Justice, the submission deadline of online applications for participation begins on October 10, 2023, Tuesday at 08:00 and ends on October 19, 2023, Thursday at 14:00.

A system of objective criteria is applied for recruitment and candidates, provided they possess the general and required qualifications for appointment, are ranked by branch or specialty in ranking tables in descending order of overall score.

It is pointed out in the announcement that for more information, those interested can refer to the website of the Ministry of Justice ( where the announcement has been posted.