At about 10.30 in the evening we may have the first estimate of the result for the regions and for the 6 largest municipalities of the country, according to Singular Logic’s project manager at the Ministry of the Interior, Ilias Giannitsios.

Through 22,722 devices that are part of the Secure Results Transmission System (SRT) will feed the election results from all over Greece to the Ministry of the Interior.

“These elections have the peculiarity that we have two Sundays. Also, we have two polling stations in each department, for the Municipal and Regional elections” commented Mr. Giannitsios in a briefing held earlier today.

The results will be collected both at the level of combinations and at the level of candidates, while depending on the expiring number of each electoral division, it has been defined by the Ministry of the Interior that the polls will be opened in a specific order in order to have a continuous flow of results. Specifically, in the odd-numbered divisions, the polls for the Municipal elections will be opened first, and in the even-numbered divisions, the ballots for the Regional elections will be opened first.

“As the ballots are quite large, an exact prediction cannot be made, but it is a goal around 10.30 in the evening, the first estimate of the result can be given for the regions and at least the 6 largest municipalities of the country”, die for Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Heraklion, Patras and Larissa, Mr. Giannitsios explained.

On the evening of the elections, the results will be published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, as they develop.

How will the broadcast take place?

Each polling station is provided with a box containing a tablet, from which everything except the application for transmitting the election result has been deleted, together with all the instructions and codes needed by the judicial agents appointed by the state. Court agents must activate the SRT upon receipt. In the event of failure or failure to transmit via the SRT, the normal telegraphic method will be followed, as was done in the past.

From the results transmission system of the Ministry of the Interior, the parties, as well as journalists, have the possibility to follow live the results collected, in addition to the competent state agencies.

During Sunday, there will be announcements around at 11.00, 14.00 and 17.00 regarding participation up to that time.

“So we are ready for the elections, both us and the ministry. The judicial agents will start receiving the SRTs tomorrow, activating them, and we will have the picture. We hope for a smooth process” underlined the general manager of Singular Logic, Dimitris Bakakos, adding that the judicial representatives have “a lot of work ahead of them, as there are municipalities that have 500 candidates. We hope everything goes well and we get quick results.”