Thessaloniki: Unimaginable bullying of a 12-year-old with autism by her classmates – Her mother erupts

Thessaloniki: Unimaginable bullying of a 12-year-old with autism by her classmates – Her mother erupts

Unimaginable bullying of a 12-year-old in Thessaloniki. Her classmates opened social media accounts with her details and uploaded nude photos with her own face, but with the bodies of others.

The life of a 12-year-old high school student in Thessaloniki became hell, because some peers in the same class, found it funny to bully her. To hurt her and drag her away. To insult her and level her fragile psychic world. To use her data to distribute pornographic material and in front of her, to accuse her.

The 12-year-old who had just started high school was isolated and plunged into despair. Because without knowing it and without being able to imagine it, some people opened online accounts with her details and uploaded nude photos, which had reached the point of showing even to the teachers.

“Punish those responsible…”

The mother of the 12-year-old breaks out on the Live News camera. She explains the timeline of the case and says she will not back down until those responsible for her child’s martyrdom are punished.

It all started two years ago. The 12-year-old, who moves in the autism spectrum, goes to school and believes that she has got her first good friend.

Nothing, however, is as the little one imagines. Her classmate suggests that they go to a playground, only – as it turned out – to take a photo, which she would later post on the social media account in question.

After the extent of the case, the minor who, in consultation with her classmates, opened her first Facebook profile, was forced to admit it.

“These are accounts that were created by me in the context of an immature game, without having weighed the consequences of my act. I have regrets “, said the student who did this act.

At that time, the student of the 1st Gymnasium was even more closed to herself, without initially wanting to say the slightest thing to her mother.

“I have already apologized to both her and her mother. “The photos with the occult body parts did not belong to her, but were photos that were searched through the internet”, the minor added.

The schoolgirl who confessed changed schools, but little Theodora’s Golgotha ​​continues, as her mother tells Live News. She herself is waiting for the trial of the case on March 3 and asks for the exemplary punishment of those who almost – as she points out – lead her daughter to suicide!


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