The Ministries of Digital Governance and Health announce the awarding of Social Security Electronic Governance (IDIKA SA) by the Global Association of Innovation and Technology Services WITSA.

IDIKA, a supervised body of the Ministry of Digital Governance, was awarded the 1st “Global Innovation & Tech Excellence” award in the category of innovative eHealth solutions. The award is a practical recognition of the importance of the information system developed by IDIKA for the “Fofi Gennimata” program regarding preventive examinations against breast cancer. It is worth noting that in 2022 IDIKA was awarded the 1st prize in the “Innovative Health Solutions” category for the Public Sector for the MyHealth application.

The WITSA World Innovation and Technology Conference was held for the year 2023 in Malaysia, with the participation of more than 3,000 delegates from 80 countries.

The Minister of Health, Michalis Chrysochoidis said: “Digital actions and innovative applications are a crucial parameter of the new NHS we are planning. Both at the level of prevention and at the stage of the nursing process. The great distinction of IDIKA for the electronic applications in the implementation of the breast cancer prevention program “Fofi Gennimata”, is a practical reward for the modern spirit with which the Ministries of Digital Governance and Health are proceeding in the context of their systematic cooperation for better services to citizens. Congratulations to those who contributed to the successful implementation of the program.”

The Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou said: “The preventive medicine program “Fofi Gennimata” was implemented in an exemplary manner by IDIKA, and we are particularly happy for the award made at an international level by an organization like WITSA. We are continuing the tradition of excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Health that was started by the previous political leadership and we are proceeding with interventions and projects that change the everyday life of citizens and in the very sensitive health sector.”

The Deputy Minister of Health, Irini Agapidakis he said: “This program is just the beginning. Our goal is to provide citizens with the opportunity to have free examinations for all chronic diseases, easily, quickly and for free.”

The president and CEO of IDIKA, Niki Tsuma stated: “Our award from the WITSA organization is a great honor for all of us at IDIKA and is a practical recognition of the high level of professionalism of all executives. It is also another recognition of the experience and ability of IDIKA in the implementation of complex information systems that are characterized by security and ease of use for the implementation of public health and social welfare programs”, he added”.

About the “Fofi Gennimata” program

The “Fofi Gennimata” program was designed by the Ministry of Health and Digital Governance, is implemented by IDIKA and concerns all women (approximately 1,300,000) aged 50-69 who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last five years or have not digital mammography within the last 12 months.

All eligible women who have registered for the immaterial prescription have already received a referral by SMS or email to perform a digital mammogram.

Those who have not registered for the immaterial prescription can apply to any cooperating center in their area without any financial burden.

It is noted that 315 diagnostic laboratories and 170 doctors participate in the program.

In addition, the program is supported by the website through which women-beneficiaries can be informed about the program, as well as search for the collaborating private and public structures of the program and the doctors by region.