About 230 employees of the Municipality of Athensin order to facilitate unhindered access to the polling centers for people with disabilities, with mobility difficulties, as well as the elderly, as well as pregnant women, who will come to the polling station to exercise their right to vote.

These employees are specially trained in the procedure to be followed in order to avoid waiting or any inconvenience. They will be in the 917 polling stations of the municipality from the opening of the ballot box to the closing, wearing badges and guiding people in need, either to the rooms equipped with ramps and elevators, or to the special areas created for their convenience.

The process was organized for the first time by the municipality of Athens in the national elections of May and June. In fact, between these two electoral contests, a significant increase in the number of people with disabilities in the voting centers of Athens was found, a fact attributed to the fact that those conditions were created, so that they could more easily exercise their right to vote.

In the space inside the voting partition for the selection of the ballot, exclusive access, if deemed necessary, apart from the voter, is either the judicial representative or the voter’s companion, in the presence of a judicial representative. In the polling station and in the reception and support area for voters with disabilities and reduced mobility, the entry of guide dogs for people with disabilities is allowed.