SubAstor and Tan Tan, in SP, are among the best bars in the world; get to know


SubAstor and Tan Tan, two bars in São Paulo, are among the 100 best in the world, according to the extended ranking released by 50 Best Bars 2023 this Tuesday (10). The list includes houses from 34 cities around the world that ranked between 51st and 100th.


SubAstor on Avenida Paulista, one of the best in the world according to 50 Best Bars – Karime Xavier / Folhapress

On October 17th, in Singapore, the main prize for the 50 best bars will be announced.

Tan Tan, an address in Pinheiros run by Thiago Bañares and Caio Carvalhaes, rose to 56th position. In the last edition, it was ranked 62nd.

SubAstor returned to the list in 2023 in 58th place — it had been out of it since 2019.

Get to know each of them:


Speakeasy under the command of Italian Fábio La Pietra, Sub, as it is affectionately called, has signature drinks inspired by Brazilian ingredients as its strong point. One of them is the butiá sour (gin, Lillet blanc, butiá, coconut syrup, pasteurized egg white and puxuri, R$46). The house also receives visits from renowned bartenders from other places in Brazil and around the world. To keep your stomach from feeling empty, the kitchen serves suggestions such as croquettes, pastries and salmon cured in gin and beetroot, served with goat cheese and toast (R$53). The bar has three units in the capital of São Paulo, the first opened in 2009, below the Astor bar in Vila Madalena
R. Delfina, 163, Vila Madalena, west region, @subastor

SubAstor safe bar
R. João Brícola, 24 – Historic Center of São Paulo

SubAstor Paulista

Al. Minister Rocha Azevedo, 72

Tan Tan

With a renewed menu in 2023, called Duality #2, it has ten signature drinks. The creations explore five ingredients, which are used under different techniques. Yuzu, a citrus fruit of Chinese origin, for example, appears in the Kamikaze drink (R$57), which also contains bourbon, amaro and honey, resulting in a drink with bitter notes. It is also combined with vodka, two types of sherry and sake in the Terubozo (R$45), a sweeter and more refreshing cocktail. To accompany the drink, there are 11 portion options to share, such as pork gyoza (R$45), fried chicken wings (R$46) and crab croquette (R$48). Sandwiches, noodles and a creamy chocolate pie with creme anglaise (R$38) add to the menu.
R. Fradique Coutinho, 153, Pinheiros, western regionInstagram @tantannb

Source: Folha

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