In announcements regarding the amount of compensation advances and the schedule for their payment to those affected by the floods, will proceed at 4.30 today o Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis.

The relevant statement of Mr. Avgenakis was made shortly after the new meeting that took place on Wednesday in the Region of Thessaly, attended by the Regional Governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos, the president of ELGA Andreas Lykourentzous as well as cotton and grain producers.

“We will announce the amount of compensation advances, but also when the compensations will run and what the schedule will be,” the minister said, among other things, while adding: “As long as the system remains open for new declarations to be made, the processing procedures are delayed, so and the schedule.

Everyone understood that there is an issue and they themselves asked to be given a few more days so that from the beginning of next week ELGA will do the job properly.

There will be many smiles to people who at some point were seduced by various statements or various publications which were, of course, completely unfounded.”

See the statement of Mr. Avgenakis:

So far, 27,500 applications have been made, while meetings will follow with coastal fishermen, industrial tomato producers, agronomists, technical advisors, agricultural supply store owners, a representative of producers from the residents of Parakarlia