It starts today, Monday, October 16, 2023, the new specialized vocational training program of the Public Employment Service (DYPA) in apiculture.

The “integrated beekeeping training program”, with a total duration of 295 hours, is addressed to 17 beneficiaries of the therapeutic program of KETHEA EPIROS and is implemented through the Vocational Training Center of Ioannina of DYPA.

As stated in a relevant announcement, DYPA prioritizes the planning and implementation of innovative vocational training programs aimed at members of special social groups, with the aim of enhancing their employability in professional fields that are in demand on the labor market. The issues of acquiring new knowledge and skills, through specialized professional training programs, as well as professional reintegration, are considered particularly critical for the population of ex-users, who are in the phase of their social reintegration.

Upon completion of the program, the beneficiaries will be competent breed, manage the bee and produce quality beekeeping products, understand the importance and value of standardization, describe the basic machinery required in a production-packaging line, know the mechanisms fordriving the product to market, identify sources of funding for new business endeavors, apply good practices in the prevention of occupational hazards in the work environment, cooperate and adopt exemplary professional behavior.