A 41-year-old Australian who was arrested in July 2021 in Greece after a red notice by the US Interpol, as a member of an international drug ring, appealed to the Council of State and is asking not to be extradited to the USA, who are looking for him.

In particular, he was arrested by police officers of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US DEA. at Mykonos airport, in order to be extradited to the US. Saccording to the American authorities, he is alleged to be a member of an international drug ring, importing and trafficking cocaine, as well as money laundering.

Today he is a prisoner in Korydallos prisons.

The wanted person has stated that he is an Australian citizen and is active in the field of construction, online trading and sale of cryptocurrencies and resides in Dubai.

According to US authorities, allegedly engaged from May 2019 to May 2021 in a conspiracy to launder drug proceeds in the Florida region and to distribute large quantities of cocaine from Colombia, via California, to Australia.

The request of the American Authorities for his extradition was accepted both by the Greek courts and the Greek Minister of Justice, but then the Australian appealed to the European Court of Human Rights and after clarifications etc. the Minister of Justice (11.3.2023) gave an opinion in favor of his extradition.

After this, he appealed to the Council of State and requests that the controversial ministerial decision to extradite him be annulled.

He claims, among other things, that the criminal proceedings against him in the USA were the result of exceeding the permitted police covert activity to uncover criminal acts and that he himself was a victim of police entrapment.

He also claims that articles of the European Convention on Human Rights are being violated and that if he is immediately extradited to the US, his health will suffer irreparable damage due to the serious problems he is facing.