An event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its foundation was organized in Tirana by the Union of Greek Businesses of Albania with more than 100 guests, members and associates of the Union over the years.

Also invited to the event was the ambassador of Greece in Albania, Mrs. Konstantina Kamitsi as well as the ambassador of Israel, Ms. Galit Peleg, who during their greeting conveyed messages of peace and unity.

The president of the Union, Mr. Denald-George Tafani, thanked the members and the board of directors for their efforts over the past two decades and expressed his desire that the Union lead Greek entrepreneurship into a new era.

The main sponsors of the event were the companies Antea Cement (Titan Group), Perparimi Steel, Raiffeisen Bank and Sideral (Sidenor Group). They were supported by the companies Alehandro Group and V+O.

The Association was founded in October 2003 and plays an important role in the promotion and development of Greek businesses in Albania. Its purpose is the development and strengthening of investments, cooperation and mutual assistance between the two countries. Its members are active in the most important sectors of the Albanian economy such as banking, trade, energy, industry and construction. Today, more than 40 companies are registered which contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the Union,

According to the A/Statistics Service (INSTAT) and the Bank of Albania in 2022, Greece occupies the 4th place among Albania’s supplier countries, the 2nd place in terms of the number of Greek or mixed enterprises, while in recent years it has fallen to the 9th place in foreign investments.