Consecutive incidents of equipment theftfrom company facilities in the Katerini area were searched by police officers of the Property Crimes Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate.

The perpetrator was identified as a 37-year-old Roma – gang member, against whom a case file was filed for criminal organization – gang, aggravated theft and damage to foreign property.

In particular, as emerged from the police investigation, during the months of June and July 2022, the perpetrator together with another accomplice, they broke into, four times, a company’s premises in the area of ​​Katerinis, which is out of business, and proceeded to steal cables, metal objects and electronic devices, the total value of which amounts to 28,350 euros, while during their action they caused damages exceeding 530,000 euros, according to the statements of a legal representative of the company.

In a search of the 37-year-old’s home in the settlement of Diavata was found and confiscated I.X. truck he was using to approach and move away from his target, as well as three coils of power cables that were attributed to the rightful owner.

It is noted that the perpetrator is temporarily detained in the country’s Detention Center, as he has in the past engaged the Authorities for related crimes, specifically for burglaries of houses and companies in areas of Northern Greece.

The file was submitted to the competent Prosecutor.