He saw death with his own eyes, was transferred to Rio Hospital 1.5 years ago, with an oxygen reading of 40. He was one step before death. He weighed 256 kg.

The 48-year-old from Patras Beach tells his story in “Peloponnisos”, in an attempt to convince others who are facing obesity problems, that they should succeed.

He was hospitalized for several days and when he was discharged, he decided to change his life. He did not perform any “balloon” operation, but declared that he was determined to fight for his life. Antonis is alone in life, his family has “gone”, he lives on KEA allowance, but he did not give up. He researched, received advice from doctors and nutritionists and decided to act.

He drank lemon water several times a day as a top fat burner, started eating a lot of lettuce, and eliminated the amount of fat in his food. Despite 256 kg. that he had, he started walking!

In the beginning, as he told “P”, he encountered great difficulty, but as he lost weight, the exercise became easier. In the middle of his effort and while he continued the fat loss, he also added ginger to his diet. He had already limited everything that would give him weight, he got his body used to eating sparingly and healthily. At first the difficulty was enormous, but as the weeks went by, the feeling of hunger or even bulimia for something “fatty” or “sweet” decreased. Until it was almost annihilated.

Today, Antonis Dikopoulos, a former street market trader, weighs 125 kilos. And his goal is not complete. He continues his diet, so that he reaches 100 kg. “Another 25 and that’s it,” he told us. During our conversation he constantly emphasized that he “made it on his own”, with his will, his persistence and his patience. And it is certain that it can be an example for other obese people.