A march of solidarity and support for the people of Palestine took place in the center of Thessaloniki.

With motto “freedom in Palestine“, members of the Palestinian Parish of Thessaloniki, the Committee for International Recession and Peace of Thessaloniki, labor unions and student associations of the city express – as they say – their support for the Palestinian people.

At the head of the march were Palestinians living in Thessaloniki.

They held a giant flag of Palestine while at the start of the march they lay on it shouting “Free Palestine”.

We stand against the brutality of the Israeli people. International law does not say to cut off electricity and water to 2.5 million civilians in the Gaza Strip. Today they bomb hospitals schools and residential areas“, among other things, the representative of the Palestinian Parish of Thessaloniki said in his message, on the sidelines of the gathering held earlier at the statue of Venizelos.


The hypocrisy of all those who only today supposedly discovered the violence in Palestine is great. Blood has been flowing in the occupied Palestinian land for seventy-five years now. For seventy-five years there has been the Israeli occupation, the displacements and the continuous expansion of the settlements, the robbery of the Palestinian land, the barricades and the raising of the separation walls in the West Bank and Gaza, their confinement in suffocating living conditions, the daily unspeakable humiliation, the harassment and killing of thousands and thousands of Palestinians, the incarceration of tens of thousands who have rotted for decades in the prisons of the occupying forces“, is noted in the relevant announcement about today’s mobilization.

The demonstrators are asking for an end to the bloodshed, for Palestine to be vindicated with the real and full recognition of the Palestinian state, and at the same time they are asking “that there be no involvement of Greece in the imperialist slaughterhouses, that the Greek frigate that participates in the NATO force in the Eastern Mediterranean be immediately returned».

The march started from the statue of Venizelos where the gathering was held earlier and will move to the center of the city.

The Traffic Police is diverting traffic depending on where the protesters are.